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Managing, operating & routine maintenance of The Ferry is done by volunteers

that are determinied to keep history alive.

Ferry Pilots are licensed by the NYS, Parks Marine Services Bureau. They are responsible for the safe operation of

The Ferry& the safety of all of those aboard.

Ambassadors are on board to answer questions by the riders & tell people about the history of the region &

The Ferry. When necessary they assist the pilots.

The Board of Directors are long time lovers of The Ferry responsible for managing the operation, coordinating the logistics of maintenance & ensuring The Ferry remains an active connection to Chautauqua Lake.

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Donations from riders & those that support The Ferry pay the bills. Their generosity fuels the commitment of the many volunteers that donate time & services to keep this historic landmark functioning part on Chautauqua Lake. 

Because the Bemus Point-Stow Ferry has been in existence since 1811, we want to pay homage to her long history and to the numerous people who have made our trip back and forth across the narrows of Chautauqua Lake possible. Along the way, as the Ferry changed shape and modes of propulsion, people have always been there to donate their time and talents in good times and in times of need. Too many to be named, and too humble to toot their own horns, we salute each and every one who has helped us to continue this living piece of history.

Thank You 


The project leader of the repairs was by Hohl Industrial Services of nearby Tonowanda NY. In addition to structural repairs to the top deck, they coordinated the Big Lift getting The Ferry into dry-dock in Stow. There, the team repaired a thin portion of the hull with a 8' x 13' patch.

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If you would like to make a donation to keep history alive & keep The Ferry running,

send a check to The Bemus Point-Stow Ferry PO Box #339 Bemus Point, NY 14712


Join our Facebook group The Historic Bemus Point-Stow Ferry for information, updates, connections & questions about this unique jewel on Chautauqua Lake.

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