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For over 210 years The Bemus Point-Stow Ferry on Chautauqua Lake in south western New York has connected the hamlet of Stow to the village of Bemus Point. This is a rare opportunity to experience history first hand when you step aboard. The cost to ride the ferry is purely by donation which helps maintain the ferry, insure safety & keep history alive.
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For some, a ride on The Ferry is a generational legacy that sparks reminiscence of the past. For others, The Ferry is a touchstone for new memories.

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The ride across the lake takes you back in time.  As an active part of history, you can experience when the tempo of life was slower. Since 1811, The Ferry has been a simple solution to connecting communities on opposite shores. Some call her nostalgic. Some call her romantic. Others call The Ferry a part of our heritage. Come join us for a memorable trip you are sure to enjoy & find your connection to The Ferry.


Join our Facebook group The Historic Bemus Point-Stow Ferry for information, updates, connections & questions about this unique jewel on Chautauqua Lake.

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